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Smart Unfriender™ - Fast and Easy Way To Unfriend Inactive Friends on Facebook!

Why Smart Unfriender™?

Hey there friend,

It's Margarita Amrita, the founder of Smart Unfriender™.

I want to congratulate you for reserving your spot on the waitlist. You'll be among the first to know when Smart Unfriender™ opens up to the public.

On the next page, you'll be able to secure your free entry into our giveaway contest to win a lifetime license to Smart Unfriender™. You'll also be able to get unlimited additional entries to increase your chances of winning, by simply sharing this giveaway with others. We'll announce the winners by email on 1/24/2020. So make sure to mark that date down in your calendar.

Now, before you go to the next page, you're going to want to read the rest of this message...

...because I'm about to give you a very special offer that's ONLY available right here, right now, for the first 100 people who say yes!

You see, the reason you joined this waitlist is because you understand that the biggest problem with Unfriending people on Facebook can be time consuming, where you need to go through the entire Friends list and manually look at each person to see when you have communicated to this person last and then manually unfriend this person, especially if you have over a thousand friends and you personally know only a handful of them it becomes even more time consuming!

If you are running your business of Facebook then you really see the pattern of people asking you to join your friends list on a daily basis, but then you lose track of them and all of the sudden you find yourself reaching friends limit and cannot friend important people unless you clear your friends list.

I am in this situation all the time, especially when I go to networking events or run my events/workshops or attend conferences.

So my extension will allow you to save tons of time and clear your friends list with just a couple of clicks based on the criteria you choose. Or if you would like to handpick your friends for deletion you have this ability as well by just clicking on the icons that appear all on the same page!

The time that you're currently spending on removing inactive friends can be better invested into growing your friends list that you can monetize from or have any other benefits from!

Now, a lot of entrepreneurs, coaches, business owners, digital marketers, influencers, community leaders are suffering from this idea that the only way to solve their problem is to use built-in Facebook function for unfriending inactive people..
...but that means they are wasting tons of time on something that can be done with a couple of clicks!

It also means they are losing important people who you would friend if they would not reach your limit! I see it all the time! People want to friend me and then they say: “Oh, I am sorry, I am up the limits!” Then they try to delete a friend or two on a fly in hurry  just to add me! And, guess what?  They run into  similar situations with the others!

This is so frustrating!!! Ugh….

But you might feel like it's the only option...
But nothing could be further from the truth.

There is a better way.

So if you're an entrepreneur, a coach, a business owner, a community leader, a digital marketer or an influencer who wants to keep your friends list always ready to accept as many new friends as you wish within the limit and easily clean up your list on demand

...then the answer is simple...

You need Smart Unfriender™!

Smart Unfriender™ will provide you the easiest way to get rid of unwanted friends so you can easily add important ones.

It will save you tons of efforts and time to clean up your list before the major event and it will also give you the flexibility you need in managing your friends list.
Most importantly, it'll save you from frustration of needing manually clear you friends list one by one in front of an important client or peer just to add her/him to your list during high pace networking events where time is of the essence.

And you know what makes this even better?

You'll be able to start seeing results immediately as soon as you start using the software.

Isn't that awesome?

The truth is your would need to hire a team of people to deliver this solution and that costs much MUCH more than just getting ready to use solution for just a fraction of the price I have paid for developing it.

But here's the cool part...

Since it's our pre-launch, I've decided to offer you guaranteed lifetime access to Smart Unfriender™ for the one-time cost of just $197 when you pre-order it today.

With it, you'll get tons of bonuses that'll help you get immediate results!
So again, if you're an entrepreneur, a coach, a business owner, a community leader, a digital marketer or an influencer who wants to save tons of time and have a convenience to mass unfriend inactive people on your friend list understand this...
This special deal is ONLY available right here, right now, for those first 100 people who say YES!

If you don't act now, the only guaranteed way to get your hands on this software is by waiting until we publicly launch, and then purchasing an ongoing subscription at full price (which is going to be way more than what you're getting it for today).

Also, if you end up being one of the winners for our free lifetime license giveaway on 1/24/2020, you don't have to worry... We're going to refund your payment right away!
And last but not least, when you pre-order today, it's a zero-risk investment, thanks to our 30 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee.

We'll give you 30 days from the day you receive your installation link to decide if Smart Unfriender™ is right for you.

And if you change your mind, we'll happily refund you with no questions asked.
Look... You already know that Smart Unfriender™ holds the key to your success with managing your Facebook friends.

So take action today, and click the green "YES!" button on this page to pre-order Smart Unfriender™ right now, while this offer is still available.

Scroll down and click the green "YES!" button now...

Look Below At The Benefits You Will Receive!

Benefit #1 Stay Sane!

No more anxiety  with unfriending unwanted people, clearing up the space for new connections when time is of the essence.

Benefit #2 Save Time!

Valuable time is saved for making new important connections instead of wasting it on removing unwanted friends one by one 

Benefit #3 Be Confident!

Have a piece of mind by clearing your friends list in advance before attending any large group events with the mass delete option

Here's How Smart Unfriender™ Helps You 
to Stay Sane, Save Time and Be Confident...

  • Step 1: Install The Smart Unfriender™ Chrome Extension
You'll receive a link in your email to install the Smart Unfriender™ extension into your Chrome browser. It's as simple as clicking one button and then logging in with the email you purchased with!
  • Step 2: Click on the extension icon
You'll now have the ability to save time and keep yourself confident to bulk deleting inactive friends from your Facebook friends list!
  • Step 3: Enter Your Name and Your Email
 Check your email for further instructions and the private facebook group community!

Enter To Win A FREE Lifetime License to Smart Unfriender™  By Joining Our Waitlist 

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